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I Am Them's primary focus

is to reveal the love of Jesus to everyone. 


is Life"

After conducting a village needs assessment in June, 2019, we were able to construct two new wells and repair an existing gravity spring which brought free, clean, and accessible water to the Maludye village in Sironko, Uganda.

Agricultural Materials

Farming is essential to the Maludye village.  I Am Them is seeking to provide hardworking Ugandans with the materials they need to succeed and be self sufficient. There has been and will be another distribution of donated agricultural material such as fertilizer, seeds, and equipment taking place in December, 2019.


& Napkins"

I am them is starting a program called "Knickers & Napkins" to provide clean feminine hygiene products to all the girls and women in the Maludye village.  We will also teach a class on basic hygiene.



The villages top priority is a trade school.  There are many young abandoned mothers who are too ashamed to go back to school, but are willing to learn a trade to support themselves and reinvest back into their community.  We are planning to partner with our Ugandan friends to open a trade center ASAP.

We are all each other:

School fees & temporary sponsorship. 

Primary School in Uganda is not free. There are fees associated with each child that attends school. This can be one of the greatest challenges for family units to overcome.  This is an amazing opportunity to help. Through temporary sponsorship, you can provide for a child's school fees each semester.  This includes one full meal everyday, which is usually the only meal they will have.

We are seeking willing people to sponsor families and individuals that are in immediate need.  This type of sponsorship would be on a temporary basis to help meet the needs of the family while the parent(s) attend job training, open a business, or pursue another self sufficient way of moving their family out of poverty.